Web & Email Resources

Web & Email Resources

Mosaic Commons maintains a substantial set of Web and email resources for our community and those who are interested in it.


We maintain the following email lists:


The announce list is moderated, which means that any post to the list must be approved before it gets forwarded to the list. This list is for members of the community who feel overwhelmbed by lots of email! It has only ‘important’ messages, without replies or discussion. What messages should go to announce?
* Meal / Event Signups
* Service changes or notifications (power / plumbing issues, inspections, etc)
* Meeting notes postings, or other schedule updates
* Community wide event notifications or updates
* Proposals that are going to be presented at the next GM and are going out for discussion on the community list.


This is our discussion list, for those who are members & friends of our community. This list is for anything related to our community -- requests to borrow items, notices of upcoming private social events, discussions about policies, etc. Traffic can be 200-300 messages per month.


Off Topic is the list for political or other discussion that might be interesting to people who live here, but isn't related to the community directly.


The Interest list is our extremely low traffic public list, which anyone is welcome to join from our contact page. Great for people who want to know about rental or buying opportunities, or big events.

Team lists

Teams keep their own email lists, for discussion not of interest to the whole group. Check out http://www.mosaic-commons.org/teams

On the Web

You are now on the main website for Mosaic Commons. This site is designed as a resource both for the people interested in living here and for the people who are already living here. We also have a separate site, http://members.mosaic-commons.org just for our members..

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