Buildings and Grounds (BnG)

Buildings and Grounds (BnG)

BnG is: Dave, Perley, Rich K, John B, Ken, Bob, Buzz

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The Building and Grounds team is a standing team, whose members will be self-selected. The team will make regular reports to the Mosaic Commons Trustees. The purpose of the Team is to:

1 - Coordinate maintenance of Mosaic Commons infrastructure, which includes most aspects of common areas. See the Buildings and Grounds wiki for a more detailed breakdown.

2 - Be the first point of contact for buildings and grounds questions and concerns, per our Operating Procedures. Resources - Supplies and repair bills will be expensed against pre-existing budget line items for maintenance, in the HOA or Cohousing budgets as appropriate. Purchases over $250 will need to be reviewed by the Mosaic Commons Trustees.

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