Inactive: Nuts in the Common House

See for the updated policy. 


1) No peanuts, tree nuts or chickpeas stored in the Common House.

2) No nuts or chickpeas ground up or chopped up in the Common House for any reason. No nuts or chickpeas served at Nut Free Meals

3) All meals will be clearly labeled as Nut Free or Contains Nuts. Meals with nuts will have the nut-containing item clearly labeled. A substitute dish will be provided for the nut-containing one


S1. Head cook must have someone responsible for reading the label of every item put into meal every time since manufacturing processes and ingredients change regularly. Labels from that meal’s ingredients must be retained for 24 hours (since allergic reactions can appear hours after a meal) for individuals to read.

S2: Exclude items from Nut Free meals that contain nuts or chickpeas, or whose labels say: "Processed in a facility that also processes nuts" or "Processed on equipment that is used to process nuts" or “May contain nuts”

S3. Labels from every ingredient will be available in the Common House.

S4. Individuals may bring a small container of nuts or chickpeas with them to a meal and add them to their own plate. Any chopping or crumbling of nuts must occur outside of the Common House.

S5. Outside food can be brought in and served at the Common House as long as it is appropriately labeled.

S6. When cleaning up from Nut Containing meals, use rags for wiping down surfaces. These must be washed and sanitized before reuse.

S7. Leftovers from meals that contain nuts will be removed from the Common House at the end of the meal. Late plates of nut containing food, properly labeled, may be saved in the Common House for a specific amount of time after a meal, then removed if not eaten.

S8. Key items that are considered not safe unless cleared by concerned families: Foods from bulk sections of supermarkets Chocolate

S9. Sunset Clause: We will revisit this policy 6 months after we start cooking meals in the Common House.