Back yards

Back Yard MapSemi-private backyard areas are defined for each unit (see map). These spaces are intended for primary use by the residents of the unit for such purposes as BBQing, gardening, relaxing, drying clothes, etc. They are not legally deeded as "exclusive use" areas.

Residents are asked to respect their neighbors in how they design, use, and keep up their yards. Trash and any items that pose a safety hazard are not allowed. If your landscaping makes it difficult to mow the lawn, you become responsible for mowing your own lawn.

Neighbors are asked to respect residents' requests for privacy when choosing whether to pass through backyards.

A minimum of 30 days notice to the community is required before installing any large structures or plantings (including decks, fences, and trees), to allow time for feedback from neighbors. Some items (such as additions and paved areas; see condo documents) require the approval of the entire HOA before installation. Any items which will affect the HOA's liability insurance rates (as determined by the current insurance carrier) also require group approval.