Owner's Rental Policy

When choosing a Renter, Mosaic Commons encourages the Owner to select an individual or family which has an interest in cohousing and living in community. Mosaic Commons then encourages the Renter/s to become Associate Members of the community.

Definition of terms:
Household member: Any family member, partner or rent paying individual who spends a considerable amount of time in the Owner’s house.
Renter: Either a single person who is a housemate of the Owner or a group of people who rent an entire unit from an absent Owner.

The following requirements apply to both whole house Renters (when the owner is absent) and housemates and household members of the Owner:

  1. Renters and household members must agree to abide by all rules set forth by the HOA and the co-housing association.
  2. Owners are responsible for condo and cohousing fees.
  3. Owners are responsible for any property damage to common areas and/or individual units incurred by Renters or household members.
  4. Owners will work with the integration team to find mentor for their Renters. The mentor shall introduce the Renters to other members of the community and be available to answer questions and explain rules and customs to the Renter.

The following requirements apply only when the Owner is absent from their unit. These requirements can be waived at any time by the HOA Trustees.

  1. Rent is negotiated between the Owner and the Renter and a written lease must be signed by both parties. A copy of the lease must be given to the HOA Trustees.
  2. Leases have a maximum term of one year.
  3. Leases are renewable subject to the approval of the HOA Trustees.

Please note that this applies only to our Market Rate units. Affordable units are required by the powers that be to be owner-occupied