HOA / Condo Association

Current Mosaic Trustees

Beezy Bentzen (through 2017)
Matt Waugh (through 2017)
Mike Gaisford (through 2018)
Noel Rosenberg (through 2018)
Perley Mears (through 2019)
Cathy Marshall (through 2019)

Current Mosaic representative on the Sawyer Hill Board of Trustees

Beezy Bentzen
Dennis Duquette
Ross Harpestad

Mosaic Commons is set up as a condominium and governed by our Condo Documents, below. All homeowners are part of our homeowner's association, Mosaic Commons Condominium Trust.

Unlike a traditional condominium, we are a cohousing community. Residents and owners are therefore active participants in managing our community. Mosaic Commons cohousing makes decisions by consensus at monthly meetings, and on our community mailing list.

Sawyer Hill Documents

Mosaic Commons