Color Cards

We use color cards as a tool for reaching consensus, and to help organize our discussions.

If you have any questions about the cards or the meeting process in general, please feel free to talk to someone on the facilitation team.

Discussion Cards:

Blue Comment: I have a comment or opinion.
Yellow Question: I have a question or need clarification.
Answer: I can provide clarification, by providing information that I feel is pertinent to a question raised.
Orange Acknowledgement: I appreciate your contribution made to the group (thank you)!
Red Process: I have a process observation (e.g., discussion is off-topic).

Consensus Cards:

Green I agree with the proposal.
Yellow I have a question that must be answered before I make a decision.
Blue I am neutral or have some slight reservation.
Orange I have a serious reservation but will not block consensus.
Red Block: I am against the proposal and feel it would be bad for the group.