Guest Reservations

If you’d like to have a guest stay in one of our hobby rooms, please use the process below:

1. Add your name, your guest’s name and which hobby room (East or West) you would like to reserve, directly to the Google Calendar (be sure to select “hobby room calendar” and not add it just to your own personal calendar). Please select a check in and check out time instead of checking the “all day” box, so that others have the opportunity to use the room before/after your guest has checked in or out. Please do not change the colors of entries made to Mosaic shared calendars. Most of us discern which calendar an entry is made in by color. If you would like to book more than 5 nights in a row, please contact our concierge, before you put it on Google Calendar as this may have to be run by the community for decision. Or you can contact the concierge, and the concierge will set up the reservation for you.

If you would like to access the hobby room shared calendar or any of the Mosaic Commons shared calendars using your own calendar application (rather than from the terminal in the Common House hub), please contact, providing a list of calendars you would like to access and the Google account (gmail address) you will be using to access the calendars.

2. The owner that signs up for the guest room is the “host” and is responsible for setting up clean linens and towels beforehand. Rooms will be left unlocked when not in use by a guest. Hosts who would like their guests to have extra keys can get them from the concierge. Guests staying more than one night “own” the room during their stay.

3. Kindly inform your guest to refrain from using loud voices, smoking (of any kind) and using scented products. There is a reminder sign in each hobby room.

4. Turnover between guests should be negotiated between hosts, with noon out and 3pm in as a starting point. Hosts are responsible for stripping the bed, washing the sheets, bed covers and towels and returning them back to the hobby room after their guest leaves. Rooms should be left with the appropriate cover for the bed/futon/couch.

5. Each household gets 5 free guest room nights per calendar year. Anything over that is charged at $10 a night. Please remit your payment in the form of a check along with your name, your guest’s name and which room they stayed in to the bookkeeper. If you prefer, the bookkeeper can add it to your statement and you can pay by check or PayPal. Just let the bookkeeper know.

6. We are open to other cohousers and cohousing groups using our space. Visits will be coordinated by the concierge, Catya, or another volunteer, with a $20/night suggested donation.