Common House Room Reservations & Usage


The following rooms may be reserved: Great Room, Dining Niche, Kitchen, Living Room, Music Room, Multipurpose Room, Kid's room and Porch. (Guest Rooms will be handled separately)

Calendar System

We will use a public Google Calendar that can be viewed by members without additional login on a mosaic-commons members web page. Users of Google Calendar can also view it on Google Calendar.

People and teams can add events directly to the calendar. Event titles will include the abbreviation for the room(s) in which they are held, the name of the member sponsor, and whether the event is open. People are encouraged to post information about their events in the common house as well, especially for large events.

Common Meals & General Meetings

The Kitchen, Dining Niche, and Great Room are "taken" during all Common Meals and General Meetings. People that wish to meet privately over dinner should reserve the Living Room. The Kids Room may not be reserved during Common Meals or General Meetings without community approval.

Types of Events

Events may be private or open to members and guests. They may or may not require RSVP. This information should be clearly posted in the calendar listing.

You must check before reserving the Kitchen, if it's during a time when early prep for a common meal might be happening. People reserving the Kitchen must check in with a ServSafe-certified member before their event.

We are open to other cohousing groups using our space. This will be coordinated by a member volunteer.

If you want to reserve most or all of the Common House, notify the community as soon as possible, and allow at least a week for feedback and objections.


All events, run by a member or non-member, must have a member sponsor. That sponsor will be responsible for insuring that kitchen, food, and other common facilities policies are followed and that the space is cleaned appropriately after the event, and will be available during the event for any questions or problems. Spaces should be left in at least as good condition as they were found in.