Parking Best Practices

1) Residential Parking

We have reviewed survey data and reviewed comments regarding parking issues. The following “Best Practices” are recommended.
a) All residents may use available spaces in both the north and south parking areas. Each household, however, is asked to avoid using more than 2 near spaces including carport space/s the household may have.
b) There are approximately 10 spaces in the north large enough to park 2 cars or a camper in each space. In addition, there are 2-4 places in the south where you can park 2 cars in the same space. These double spaces could be used by household having more than two cars.
c) Residents who want to park larger vehicles (boats, trailers, moving vans etc.) should use the extra long spaces in the North lot.
d) When gone on vacations, business trips or other prolonged absences vehicles should be parked further from our buildings.
e) When parked on Village Lane, vehicles should park as far off the road as they can and leave room for 2 lanes of traffic if possible.

2) Mosaic Commons Event Parking

Sponsors of events that include non-members should prioritize making sure that people who live here can find parking when they get home and usually guide people to far parking or parking on Village Lane.
a) It is recommended that each event have an assigned person to direct the parking of all attendees.
b) If the event is on a week day (M-F, 9-5pm), the attendees can use available parking spaces in the northern and/or southern lots
c) If the event is on a weekend or evening, and will interfere with resident parking, all cars should park on Village Lane.
d) Attendees should be reminded that meeting in our Common House is a privilege and should be provided with appropriate parking instructions in writing.
e) Attendees need to be reminded NOT to park in carport spaces.
f) Event sponsors should put signs out with appropriate instructions.

3) Handicapped Parking

We have a limited number of handicapped spaces and wish to keep them available for those who need them. With the exception of temporary use of handicapped spaces for active loading and unloading, all folks who use these spaces must have:
a) A State handicapped tag, or
b) Approval from the Accessibility Team.

4) Rapid Removal

Vehicles need to be moved in a timely manner for snow plowing and other situations which require our residents to park their cars at temporary locations such as on Village Lane. Vehicles so moved, should be removed from Village Lane as soon as the all clear is given.
a) Move your vehicle ASAP
b) If you are not available, then make arrangements for someone to move it for you.
c) For times when your car must be moved quickly, please give the Snow Team instructions on the contact form ( on where the key is and/or specify which individual/s you trust to move your car when you are not available.