Vehicles on the Pedestrian Way

Pedestrian Way MapWe intend to limit powered vehicle traffic on our pedestrian paths while making it possible to load and unload heavy objects as necessary, and allow residents and guests to be dropped off close to their units as needed. This policy does not apply to emergency vehicles.

Unpowered vehicles and those with electric motors of less than 5 hp (e.g. electric wheelchairs, mobility devices) may be ridden on all parts of the pedestrian way (Green and Blue and Red on the map)

In addition, a car or small truck may be driven on the parts of the pedestrian way closest to the parking lots (Blue on the map) if the vehicle fits and stays on the paved area and not on the geoweb* and:

  • You are using it to help you move many items in or out of your unit that would be difficult to move with hand carts, or
  • It is delivering large article/s such as appliances or furniture, or
  • You are using it to bring a guest or resident who can not otherwise easily get from the parking to the unit.

Furthermore, a car or small truck may be driven on the north triangle access stub (green on the map) for any of the above reasons, or for the following reasons:

  • You are using it to help you move many items in or out of your unit, including routine loading and unloading such as of groceries or musical equipment.
  • You are dropping off or picking up residents or guests to avoid a long walk through undesirable conditions, such as ice.

Cars and trucks on the pedestrian way must be driven slowly and carefully, not left to idle, left unattended only while loading or unloading, and removed as soon as possible. Members are responsible for the vehicles of their guests or people working on/in their homes.

Moving trucks: If a moving truck does not fit on the pavement in the Blue zones, members must notify the community and seek help finding ways to avoid driving on the geoweb*. However if a solution is not found, or the community determines the ground is solid, moving trucks are permitted on the geoweb.

* Geoweb was installed under the soil on the sides of the blue pathways (and the arms of the red northern triangle) in order to provide a stable surface for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.