Changes in Common Spaces

People who want to volunteer to take on projects to make permanent or hard-to-remove changes in common spaces, such as drilling holes or mounting shelves, should:

(a) consult with the Common Resources Team and the room team for that space, to make sure that project is consistent with plans for that space
(b) present a plan for funding
(c) post a drawing or other visual aid for the project in the space and send a note about it to the list. Give the community a week to react, then either post a revised proposal or proceed.

Room teams are welcome to select any colors they like for painting their spaces. If they choose to pick from the established palette, including shades between those on the palette, they may proceed without plenary consensus. If they wish to use any non-palette colors, that is acceptable, as long as they get plenary consensus before painting

For interior painting of the common house, teams shall use primer and paint with no (Zero) VOCs (NOT Low VOC). Brands are only listed to identify the colors, use any Zero VOC brand. There a paint chips available to so that a paint supplier can match the palette colors.

Our Color Palette:

"... a cohesive palette of a variety of colors for wall paint, trim, and accent colors for the Common House. ... Room teams can then decide colors from this palette without further plenary decision."

picture of colors


D40-3 (Olympic) Silent Delight
7002-14 (Valspar) Cream Delight

Light Brown Neutrals:

D27-2 (Olympic) Turning Taupe
D27-3 (Olympic) Creamy Chocolate

Dark Browns:

C25-4 (Olympic) Baby Bear
C25-5 (Olympic) Root Beer
C25-6 (Olympic) Wine Barrel


C44-2 (Olympic) Frosted Lilac
C44-4 (Olympic) Purple Surf
C44-6 (Olympic) Magic Spell


B36-2 (Olympic) Tender Kiss
B36-4 (Olympic) Lush Rose
B36-6 (Olympic) Madeira Red


B22-2 (Olympic) Pat-A-Cake
B22-4 (Olympic) Pumpkin Patch
B22-6 (Olympic) Lucky Penny


A16-3 (Olympic) Shell Flower
A16-4 (Olympic) Honey Toast
A16-6 (Olympic) Sunflower


5006-3A (Valspar) Pale Pastures
5006-3C (Valspar) Green Trellis
5006-4B (Valspar) Filoli Ginko Tree


C56-2 (Olympic) Skyward
C56-4 (Olympic) Crater Lake
C56-5 (Olympic) Castile