Outdoors: Hot Tub

Members: Cat, Ross, Mary
Email: hottub@mosaic-commons.org

Hot tub rules ... Hot Tub Weekly Checklist
  1. The Hot Tub team is a standing team responsible for the care and feeding of the hot tub:
    1. Setting & publicizing the rules for use of the hot tub
    2. Accepting donations for usage from guests on behalf of the cohousing organization
    3. Stocking appropriate hot tub chemicals & enzymes
    4. Chemical and enzyme treatment of the water
    5. Draining and refilling the tub as needed
    6. Handling repairs as needed
    7. Maintaining the hot tub shed.
  2. Members are chosen by self-selection.
  3. Team decisions are made by consensus of the team.
  4. This team has an annual budget for electricity, chemicals, and maintenance.  Funding for hot tub replacement is handled through capital reserves.  
  5. Reports to the plenary will be issued as needed.
  6. The hot tub team will work in conjunction with the dirt team on the enclosure /grounds around the tub.
  7. The hot tub team has the following power levels:
    1. Setting the rules: Power Level 3: May post a tentative decision which will become a group agreement if no one objects within a specified amount of time; the proposal need not come to plenary if concerns can be addressed outside.
    2. Publicizing the rules, choosing water treatments, handling repairs: Power Level 4: May make binding decisions on their own; they only have to announce the decision.
  8. The hot tub team will accept input from people not on the team & reports of problems with the tub via email to hottub@mosaic-commons.org