2017: Victoria Gaisford, Scott Hawkins
2018: Mariama Congo, Perley Mears
2019: Catriona Hughes, Ed Gault

  1. Steering is a standing team responsible for coordinating, evaluating, and organizing the ongoing work of Mosaic Commons, as directed by the plenary. This team helps to guide the group, but does not make decisions for the group. This work is broken into several areas:

    1. General Meeting Agenda

      • Collect possible agenda items
      • Publish the list of upcoming agenda items and open issues.
      • Add items to that list as needed
      • Manage sunset policy reviews
      • Act as the gatekeeper for plenary-worthiness based on the guidelines in
      • Submit prioritized agenda items to Facilitation
    2. Emergencies & Decisions between meetings
    3. Action Items, Issues, and Decision Tracking
      • Find an owner for orphaned issues, or manage them directly.
      • Track action items & reminders, and monitor tasks that might be falling through the cracks.
      • Bring new issues/concerns/tasks to the attention of the appropriate team or individual
      • Track the implementation of decisions, and own the decision log
    4. Ensure that community policies are followed
      • Be aware of current policies and notice if policies are being followed.
      • Act as a contact point for people who notice that a policy is not being followed
      • Address issues with people not following the policies
        1. Bring the policy to the person’s attention
        2. Involve Community Support if needed
        3. Bring the matter to the attention of the plenary if needed
      • Bring to the attention of the plenary policies that are regularly disregarded.
    5. Teams
      • Encourage people to join teams that need more help
      • Help teams when asked, nudge them when necessary
      • Drive the process of team mandate creation
      • Ensure teams are reporting as mandated
      • Help to manage cross-team functions.
    6. Schedule and coordinate work weekends
  2. There will be 4-6 members chosen by approval of the plenary, who serve for 3 year staggered terms. Participation on this team will involve a significant commitment of time and energy. If there are more people nominated who agree to serve than there are spaces available on the team, we will use ranked voting. When replacing members of the Steering Team, the Team will inform the community of needs that should be considered in the ranked voting process
  3. Team decisions are made by the consensus of the team. (See #7)
  4. This team may have an annual budget as decided by the plenary.
  5. Reports to the plenary will be issued monthly by email and posted to the website, and will include upcoming agenda items and overviews of other work the team is doing. Team minutes will also be available on the Wiki.
  6. The Steering team will work in conjunction with:
    • Facilitation to create meeting agendas.
    • Action item recorders to ensure decisions and action items are recorded appropriately.
    • Tech/website to post policies and decisions.
    • Other teams as needed to help them get their work done.

  7. Steering is required to get approval from the plenary for its membership and changes to its mandate (power level 2). Steering can make independent decisions about all items in this mandate and changes to how the team makes decisions and does work (power level 4),
    unless otherwise noted.
  8. The Steering team will accept input from people not on the team by email to Members who have concerns about how the Steering team is working should work with CS if they are not comfortable approaching Steering directly.